Exciting Jobs In The Food And Drinks Industry

If you have a passion for food and drink, then you can take steps now to get a head start in this exciting and rewarding industry. Start by researching things you love to eat and drink and see what others do to follow their passion in the same field. Here are just a few jobs to get you thinking about your future career choices:

Sushi chef:
Get your creative juices flowing with sushi. The skills you will learn through preparing this artistic Japanese food will serve you will in all areas of cooking. You will learn amazing chopping skills, how to cook the perfect rice, and how to arrange food so that it looks colourful and delicious. To get started with sushi, you can watch some videos online and see how the experts do it. Bear in mind however that it takes years to master this art. Yet, don’t be discouraged by your initial efforts. It’s all practice on your way to mastery.

Bartender at a cocktail bar:
When most people think about a job involving drink, they immediately think of working in a regular bar serving regular drinks to the regular patrons. Well, to take it to the next level, why not consider the electrifying world of cocktail bar in Melbourne. If you have the energy and willingness to give people a live show while making them a delicious drink, then you will do well with tips.

Food critic:
Ok, so you love eating food but don’t care so much for its preparation. What can you do? You can easily become a food critic or a food blogger and write reviews about the things you enjoy eating and all the amazing, and not so good, restaurants you visit. You never know, you may be asked by many restaurants to come to their place and enjoy a full three course meal on the house in return for an honest review of their food and service. Even if you write a bad review, you are giving them something they can work on.

Beer brewer:
Wine tasting has been acclaimed for its ability to develop an incredible palate. But what if you don’t like wine and prefer to drink beer instead? Well, beer appreciation was invented for just this reason. While it requires access to acres of land to plant a vineyard and make wine, you only need a spare room in order to start your own beer brewing journey. After you have allocated enough room, it’s time to organize the brewing equipment and ingredients. You can pick up everything you need online and have it delivered to your house. Next, you need to buy clean glass bottles and bottle lids to store the beer once it’s made. If your beer is a success, you can think about expanding your operations to a bigger location and think about marketing your new brand.

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