Helpful Tips When Opening A New Restaurant

Opening a restaurant can be an exciting business venture – but it is also a risky move that can create more expenses that profit. Of course at first business might be at a slow start. However, creating a solid business plan so that you can deal with potential setbacks effectively will greatly benefit you in the long run.

Create a Business Plan and Calculate The Costs
Moving forward easily with a business plan in mind will make you aware of overhead costs, monthly and annual expenses, salaries etc. Be aware of how much you are spending on suppliers and how much you need to spend on kitchen and dining equipment – including where you can afford to cut costs. Also plan on what how you will be hiring staff or training them. Your business plan should also include a proper advertising and marketing strategy as well. 
Create A Concept
You will have to decide on what type of restaurant you are planning to open – if its fine or casual dining, a fast food or themed restaurant etc. Create a concept that flows easily or combination of ideas and cuisines that works well together rather than a mix of everything where the restaurant would lose its identity. For example if you decided to open an Asian fusion restaurant, the best burger can be combined with Asian inspired sauces or seasonings even though Asian and American cuisine is completely different. Restaurant ambiance, music and décor also contribute to the concept that you are trying to give customer as well. Visit for more different variety of burgers.
Get The Right Food Suppliers
Finding the ideal suppliers will take some work, which is why getting fresh produce in bulk form farmer’s markets would be more cost effective. You will also get high quality ingredients at a great price, however, keep your option open before decision making and signing agreements. Talk to other trusted sources or other restaurant owners as well to find suppliers. For example if you want to create the best burger restaurant Hong Kong around, the meat cuts should be from a quality butcher, or if you are having an authentic Italian pizza restaurant the ingredients should preferably be authentic as well.
Early Licensing and Health Inspection
Plan on getting a business license and health permit early on without struggling later. You can even schedule an early health inspection before the grand opening. Always get an early on start on the liquor license as this can take weeks to get through and you can be ready by your opening night. If there will be live music, there are permits you need to obtain which might include a music copyright license depending on your country’s laws.

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