Sweet 16; The Birthday Party Of Dreams

The day you brought her home from the hospital, it probably didn’t even cross your mind that tiny bundle wriggling away in your arms will one day turn into a teenager. Sure, that’s the logical thing that happens in the circle of life with humans; you just don’t think it’ll happen soon.

And now, at the blink of an eye, before you can even realize what’s happening, she’s turned into a young lady, and you’re planning her 16th birthday party. If you’re like most parents from around the world, no doubt you are part excited, part flummoxed, and partly sad about how soon everything is happening.

Regardless to how you feel, no doubt you want to make this party more special than those of her previous ones; probably because of how much she’s looking forwards to it. And though we know that every party is different from the other, we’re hoping that these general reminders may come of use to you with your party planning. If you are interested about finger food catering you can visit this site http://capitalroast.com.au/finger-food/.

The guests list

Unlike the parties you organized before in her name, this time, the guest list depends solely on her. Ask her if she wants to have a party for all her friends, or if she prefers to make it an intimate affair, with a few selected friends. Remind her that the number of guest will ultimately effect the theme and the venue of her party.

The theme

If she decides on a private party with only her friends in it, then perhaps she’d like to have an elegant party; something fit for a young lady. But if she prefers to have a party for her entire batch of friends, then something more neutral, like a bon fire themed party will be more apt. In the end, the party depends on what kind of girl your daughter is.

The food

It feels like we’re repeating ourselves, but even the food depends on your theme and your guest list. If you feel you can’t manage the party food, perhaps you should invest on a Canberra catering services. This will free you to concentrate on the rest of the party organization.

The cake

The most important part in any party. Recently though, the trend for sweet 16 parties is to avoid the “birthday cake”, and instead, get “birthday cupcakes”. Ask your birthday catering service if they provide this service as well; if not, personal bakers do adorable jobs.

The venue of the bash

This depends largely on the number of guests you invite. And the theme. Again. Now, traditionally, a birthday party at home is the normal thing. But if you feel like this will ruin your lovely furniture, or if you don’t want to spend your day cleaning up the after-party mess; then having the party at a hotel (or hotel room) will be a good idea.

Like we said, these are all general tips; but they’re worth keeping in mind…

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